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Original painting
by Karen E. Lewis©

Our mission: To provide hope and comfort in times of crisis through the healing benefits of the human-canine connection

Canine-assisted crisis response, an advanced application of animal-assisted therapy, is based on the scientifically proven healing changes which can take place when people interact with gentle animals---this special relationship between humans and dogs has existed down through the ages.

A community-focused volunteer non-profit 501(c)3 organization, Cascade Canine Crisis Response (CCCR) has its home in Oregon. Its specially trained & certified handler and canine teams help provide relief and comfort to survivors and service providers affected by traumatic incidents.

Experienced Cascade Canine Crisis Response teams are available in the Pacific Northwest to assist in recovery from disasters when requested by emergency response providers, relief agencies, and other community public institutions.

CCCR trains and certifies teams to provide canine-assisted crisis response services in the community to:

Fire Districts

Search & Rescue

Law Enforcement


Witness Support

Emergency Medical Services
Behavioral Health Providers



Disaster Relief Agencies

Military Support Programs

Community Emergency Respose Teams (CERT)

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